Papers and Paints


I use high quality cotton rag paper by Arches. I love 300# cold press because it doesn't warp or need to be taped down. I also use 300# when I want a lot of texture showing or for a painting where I am going to lift colors. Another choice is 140# cold press if I want a smoother surface but still have a good flow of paint and water. I am too lazy to soak my paper and just want to be able to grab it and paint. I have soaked paper (140 cp) when I want to staple it to stretcher board and not have a frame around it. I have fallen in love with 140 hot press paper but only use it when I know its properties will enhance the painting I have in mind. It behaves very differently than cold press paper but has some excellent qualities that I enjoy.


I buy artist quality watercolor paints by Winsor and Newton, Daniel Smith, Cheap Joe's, and Schminke. I may use opaque paints from time to time for a special effect but otherwise they are transparent or semi transparent.